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By Lisa Crispin
I presented a session called “Developers who grok testing: Why I love them and how they mitigate risk” at CodeMash. We did a mini workshop, dividing into groups to brainstorm what devs need to learn about testing in order to grow towards grokking it. How can testers and developers communicate and collaborate better?
Take a look at the pictures to see the ideas. Participants also shared wonderful stories about how they got testers and developers collaborating for testing. For example, one team has testers and developers pair on a story. They do test automation and coding together. The story doesn’t have to move to a separate “testing” column or state, the pair does all testing activities together and then the story’s done!
Do you have any success stories for getting developers more involved in testing? Please share in the comments directly or via links to your own blog/articles. (Sorry the pictures are displaying in a dorky way but I don’t have time to fix!)

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