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By Arun Motoori

We have to install TestNG in Eclipse IDE, in order to use TestNG testing Framework in our Selenium Automation Tests.Please follow the below steps for installing the TestNG on Eclipse IDE:1. In Eclipse IDE, select ‘Install New Software’ option from the Help Menu options as shown below:
2. Ensure that ‘Install’ dialog is displayed as shown below:
3. Enter the URL into the ‘Works With’ text box as shown below and press ‘Enter’ Button on your Keyboard :
4. Ensure that the TestNG is now displayed under the ‘Name’ column as shown below:
5. Select the ‘TestNG’ by selecting the check box option of it and then click on ‘Next’ Button as shown below:
6. Ensure that the Install Details dialog displaying the TestNG is displayed and click on ‘Next’ button as shown below:
7. Ensure that the ‘Review Licenses’ dialog is displayed, select the radio button ‘I accept the terms…’ and click on ‘Finish’ button as shown below:
8. Ensure that Installing Software dialog is displayed as shown below:
9. While the installation is in Progress, you may get the ‘Security Warning’ dialog as shown below. If you get this dialog, click on ‘OK’ button to continue the installation.
10. Ensure that the installation is continued as shown below:
11. Wait for the installation progress to complete, and ensure that the ‘Software Update’ dialog is displayed as shown below and click on ‘Yes’ button:
12. Ensure that the Eclipse IDE gets restarted.Check whether the TestNG is installed:In Eclipse IDE, select ‘Run As’ option from the ‘Run’ Menu options and ensure that the ‘TestNG’ option is displayed as shown below:
This is how, we’ve to install the TestNG software on Eclipse IDE.Please comment below to feedback or ask questions.Using TestNG Annotations in Selenium RC code will be explained in the next post.


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