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By Arun Motoori

Prerequisite:Before Installing Ant Software Tool, first we’ve to have the JDK version of the Java installed and configured.Please go through the previous posts listed below:
Install Java JDK
Configure Java

Installing Ant:

Please follow the below build to download and install the Ant Software:

1. Open

2. Click on download the latest version link as shown in the below screenshot:

3. Ensure that the .exe file of the winant software got downloaded as shown below:

4. Double click the .exe file and click on ‘Next’ button on the displayed ‘WinAnt Setup: License Agreement’ dialog a shown below:

5. Ensure that ‘Ant’ and ‘Ant-Contrib tasks’ checkbox options are selected and click on ‘Next’ Button as shown below:

6. Ensure that the Installation wizard is asking to browse the ‘Java Directory’ and click on ‘Browser’ button as shown below:

7. Ensure that the ‘Browser For Folder’ dialog is displayed, select the JDK folder which is under the C Drive -> Program files -> Java folder and click on ‘OK’ button as shown below:

8. Ensure that the Java Directory path is displayed in the text box and click on ‘Next’ Button as shown below:

9. Ensure that the ‘Installation Folder’ wizard screen is displayed and click on ‘Install’ button as shown below:

10. Ensure that completed message is displayed and also a dialog asking the User to restart the computer is displayed as shown below:

11. Restart the Computer
Check whether the Installed Ant Software is working:

Please follow the below steps to check whether the Installed Ant Software is working or not:1. Open Windows Command line as shown below:
2. Type the command ant in the Command line window as shown below and press ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard as shown below:
3. Ensure that the below message is displayed in the command line window as shown in the below screen:Buildfile: build.xml does not exist! Build failed
If the message shown in the above screenshot is displayed, then you can confirm that Ant Software is installed successfully on your computer.Please comment below to feedback or ask questions.
Installing Ant Tool will be explained in the next post.


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