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By Google Testing Bloggers by Anthony ValloneWe have two excellent, new videos to share about testing at Google. If you are curious about the work that our Test Engineers (TEs) and Software Engineers in Test (SETs) do, you’ll find both of these videos very interesting.The Life at Google team produced a video series called Do Cool Things That Matter. This series includes a video from an SET and TE on the Maps team (Sean Jordan and Yvette Nameth) discussing their work on the Google Maps team.Meet Yvette and Sean from the Google Maps Test Team
The Google Students team hosted a Hangouts On Air event with several Google SETs (Diego Salas, Karin Lundberg, Jonathan Velasquez, Chaitali Narla, and Dave Chen) discussing the SET role.Software Engineers in Test at Google – Covering your (Code)Bases
Interested in joining the ranks of TEs or SETs at Google? Search for Google test jobs.


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