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By Rafaela Azevedo
Hello again, I found a news about the last subject. For this reason I translated a little bit of the text…
Change own property by itself to take advantage of high prices is a decision that involves significant changes in personal finances.Reporting by Luciana Seabra, Valor, took up in detail of the subject and told how two couples decided to give up the security of their own home to live paying rent. And how are they doing to manage the anxiety of having to invest large amount of funds received after the sale of the property and simultaneously follow the evolution of the property market.
Firstly, it is important consider that rents are adjusted annually for inflation and this way should be the concerned with preserving the purchasing power of the value of the application. One problem is that the standard adjustment of rents is the IGP-M, but it is not common find investments corrected by this index.
The best solution, then is invest in securities adjusted by the IPCA, considering that in the long term the trend is that all inflation indices have similar variation.
The second equally important factor is the solidness of the investment, especially considering that the amounts involved are high and the fact that, generally, the property where the couple lives represents a high fraction of the total richness of the family.
Change the security of the own property by income from financial investments, it is necessary that the investment has the least possible chance of suffer some sort of indebtedness. The safest option is government bonds.
The third point for to consider is the need for periodic liquidity for a small part of the total application. That’s because you need to use part incomes for pay the rent and the best alternative to fill this requirement are the roles that pay regular income every six months.
Finally, the ideal is that the application is long-term, to reduce the risk that the premises which were used to support the decision to sell for rent change drastically.
An investment option that combines all the features above is the NTN-B with maturity in 2045 traded at Treasury Direct.
And I hope this text can helps you, like me. Because I always thought that the NTN-F with maturity in 07.01.17 would the better choice.


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