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By Lisa Crispin
Yesterday I had a call from a participant in my recent BayAPLN session. I completely screwed up and, when I tried to save the phone message, I deleted it, and somehow the number that my phone saved, I could not call back. So, I’d like to try to answer the question, as best I remember it, here. If you still have questions, please email me, because this is such an important topic.
Since I listened to this question in my car and could not write it down, I don’t have it exactly, but it was along the lines of: “My team has no automated testing. One of our user stories did not have all the testing completed by the end of the sprint, because there was not time to complete the manual tests. Would you please recommend tools to help us?”
I know of a lot of great testing tools, GUI drivers and frameworks. If you want to do GUI testing, you can’t go wrong with Canoo WebTest, Selenium, Watir. Robot Framework, FitNesse and other frameworks can be used for testing at the API level or combined with a driver for testing through the GUI. Those are just a few examples of what’s available. Even better, your team can write its own testing frameworks and harnesses.
But tools aren’t the point. The point is that the best people to solve your testing problems is your own development team. By “development team”, I mean programmers, testers, BAs, DBAs, sys admins, everyone involved in delivering software. If you aren’t delivering user stories in a sprint because testing isn’t finished, you need to look at that problem as a team. By bringing all your team’s different roles, experiences and viewpoints to bear on this problem, you will think of experiments to try, and you will arrive at solutions.
Give yourselves time to experiment. Engage everyone involved in delivering software in solving the issues of getting all testing activities done each sprint or iteration. This diversity of viewpoints means you will eventually succeed. YOUR TEAM can solve this problem. Give it a chance!
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