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By Lisa Crispin
The Testing Planet from the Software Testing Club has indeed landed! It is chock full of excellent articles about testing, both technical and cultural. Just a sample of the titles: “Yes, It’s Personal”, “Context-driven Jumping”, “Testing & Creativity”, “Weekend Testing Fun”. I am extremely proud that my article, an introduction to test automation design, is on the front page!
Though The Testing Planet is available digitally, I urge you to subscribe to the print version. 1) it is way more fun and convenient (at least for us folks who prefer an actual newspaper with our morning tea), 2) it supports the magazine, and we need to support it and keep it going! The Software Testing Club rocks, it’s a great way to meet and exchange ideas with testers all over the planet. Give a little back to your testing community by supporting The Testing Planet.
Methods and Tools
I wrote a tool review of FitNesse for the Summer issue of Methods and Tools magazine. Please let me know if you have any questions about it.
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