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By eliasnogueira
Em menos de dois meses sai uma nova versão do Selenium IDE com pequenas modificações.Um dos bugs mais visíveis, porém inofensivo era o de logar um erro de Xml Http Request no log da IDE sempre que um Caso de Teste era executado.Issue #388 (reportada por mim)
As demais issues corrigidas podem ser visualizadas em

BUG – The scary log message that was happening when you used ‘open’ has had its underlying cause fixed (Adam Goucher, Jérémy Hérault)
BUG – fixed a build issue with FF 3.6 and type-ahead for commands (Jérémy Hérault)

BUG – fixed some PHP export issues – see and (Adam Goucher)
BUG – there was a packaging issue around user-extensions (Adam Goucher)
BUG – ide won’t put ‘name=’ as the Target when recording a selectWindow (David Burns)
BUG – to avoid confusion, when viewing formatter source, if it is read-only the button says ‘ok’ and if it is editable then it is ‘save’ (Jérémy Hérault)
NEW – you can now set a preference on whether you want record to be on or off when you start ide (Adam Goucher)
NEW – se-ide plugin information is read from the plugin’s install.rdf (most people won’t care about this, but its pretty cool from a geek perspective)

Download do Selenium IDE:


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