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By James Bach
A salesman from G2 Test Labs just called me. He said he was from India. He wanted to know if my testing company needed to partner with an offshore lab like his. I’m writing this now, while the memory of the conversation is fresh.
After he made his brief brief opening monologue I asked him “I’m a testing company. Why are you calling me?”
“Maybe you want to have an offshore arm.” He said.
“Well that depends on the skills of your testers. How do you train your testers?” I asked.
“Oh… we don’t do any training. But our testers are certified by other organizations.”
“Which organizations certify your testers?”
“Uh… I will have to check on that and get back to you.”
“Yes, that’s important information. Are ALL your testers certified?”
“Probably… most of them are.”
“Sounds like you don’t know.”
“Hey, this will make a funny post. Check my blog in about an hour. Goodbye!”
Now, in fairness, the salesman sounded like he was about 22 years old. Perhaps they sent him to call me as part of some hazing ritual.
[Oh, I just remembered, in his opening statement, he mentioned that his company was ISO-9001 certified, too. Wow. That takes me back to 1992, when I was fighting ISO-9001 certification. That certification program turned out not to amount to anything, either.]


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