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By James Bach
After Adam White’s test of of, I decided to try it myself. I soon ran into a fairly serious problem. I was able to try the service without registering, but when I tried to register, the system claimed I already was registered. Then when I tried to reset my password, it claimed I was not registered. Seemed like someone’s database tables were in a bunch.
(Oh well, quality is dead…)
But since I was so hard on WebGreeter about their creepy customer service technology. I thought I’d call Rypple’s toll free line and take my chances.
Aside: I hate calling tech support. I hate the stonewalling and being patronized by poorly trained anonymous dunderheads. Even if I were to lose most of my fingers in a data mining accident I could still count on one hand the good experiences I’ve had with tech support.
Anyway, I had a really good experience. After one ring, James Tam answered. That’s right no voicemail menu! I had tapped the man Tam himself!
The first thing I said was “I want to report a bug on your system.” I was expecting a defensive or brusque reply. Instead he asked me to tell him about it, and I did.
Well here’s the thing. He couldn’t solve my problem right away. He tried. I believe he’s working on it right now. But one thing he said struck me: “This looks like a problem on our side.”
Let me savor those words again…
This looks like a problem on our side.
Somebody taking responsibility?? How often do you hear that from a website support guy? Assuming you ever get to talk to one?
Look what happened. On paper, I had a bad quality experience. Yet I feel good about Rypple. Go Rypple.


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