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By Shmuel Gershon
This is the third Happy New testing Year, after this one and this one.
This is quite exciting, three new years means two full years!
Let’s recapitulate my 2008 blogging activity:

This last year I did not do my self-goal of at least 12 posts, due to the account problem at the beginning of the year.
From the new posts, one (Testers don’t think like Developers think like Computers) entered my list of ‘classic posts that new team members read’ :) together with A Bug with a Helmet and the “untestable things posts (1, 2, 3)”.

This also means that, although the blog is kept unpublicized, I’ve got (compulsory) readers now ;).

I had at least two very interesting to write BotT: BotT: Excel 2007 has algebra difficulties… and BotT: Linus’ bug, youtube no workee!.
On the corporate blogs, I started a new series of post about Intel(R) AMT – not as popular as the ASF series, but I got good feedback. Read if you’re interested in the technology I work on.

Hope this next year comes with at least 12 posts, all of them useful.
Gotta start thinking on January’s post…


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